Cadenza Music Studio

At Cadenza Music, we are dedicated to giving quality customer service, offering affordable music materials and delivering it to your doorsteps, because we want our customer to foster a passion for music.

In our music studio, we wish to bring the same dedication for quality to our students. We are offering private and group music lessons for anyone, youth or adult, with a desire to learn and grow. Whether you are learning piano for the first time, getting ready for your next harmony exam, or want to bring your performances to the next level, we will come up with lesson plans tailored to each student's goals, strengths, and learning styles.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Music lessons according to RCM and ABRSM curriculums
  • Piano (from Preparatory to ARCT)
  • Theory (Rudiments, Harmony, History, Counterpoint, Analysis)
  • Annual recitals to showcase everyone's progress
  • Music books at special student discounts

Our instructors will teach you the fundamentals of piano performance and effective methods that will improve your skills by leaps and bounds, which includes:

  1. The classification of foundational piano techniques
  2. Effective methods of practicing piano
  3. The proper use of wrist and arm strength
  4. Foundational piano techniques, such as scales, chords, arpeggios, and octaves
  5. The basics and tips for sight-reading and music score comprehension
  6. Immersive exploration of different music genres and composers styles

Matthew Chan

Matthew is the director of Cadenza Music, and has been an avid music entrepreneur for 15 years. He strives to provide quality service to students, teachers, music academies, and music stores in Richmond, Vancouver, and the Lower Mainland.

Matthew began his music education in 1977: in Hong Kong, he learned piano under Ms. Chu Pui Ying and choral music under Dr. Yip Wai Hong and Dr. Yip Wing Sie. When he moved to Vancouver, he continued to study piano and music theory with Ms. Josephine Leung and Mrs. Trudy Morse. Because of his growing interest in music and business, Matthew started Cadenza Music in 1997 and incorporated the business in 2010, offering excellent and friendly music delivery service ever since. In 2011, Cadenza Music expanded into the field of music education, bringing the same quality of service and passion to teaching students piano and music theory.

Jasmine Wong

Jasmine is a well-established music teacher, and has been teaching music for almost 30 years in Hong Kong and Vancouver. Her extensive background and careful guidance have raised many outstanding piano and music teachers.

At the age of 4, Jasmine was already under the tutorage of instructors from China, America, Russia and Europe. She has relentlessly pursued her passion for music, leading her to Hong Kong Music Institute and the completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Piano Performance with honors, and minoring in vocal and music composition. Other qualifications she received include the LRSM, LTCL, and London's Trinity College of Music's Performance Diploma. During her post-secondary education, Jasmine was awarded many scholarships for her efforts, including recognition from renowned professor Mr. Hung Chong, China's renowned pianist Yin Cheng Zong, and Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra's founder Frederick Choi. Jasmine also won numerous prizes and awards including the Chau’s Award, the founder of Hong Kong Music Institute, and the Man Hok Shan’s scholarship, the highest score of the music academic level at the Hong Kong Music Institute.

Jasmine took an active part in many musical performances in Hong Kong. Jasmine was appointed as a piano soloist of the Lim Kek Hon Philharmonic Orchestra and held performances in the Hong Kong Cultural Center and the City Hall Theatre. Jasmine was also invited to give recitals for the Urban Council in Hong Kong.

Jasmine moved to Vancouver in 1992, and has continued with her music education career ever since.